Easy to ruin by Dryclean Processing

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If you see this kind of care label on your garment, don’t do dryclean processing but wetclean processing at Anycleaners.

label conflict

These are self-controdictory becasue ‘Dry Clean’ does tumble dry more than 40 minutes. It might ruin your specialty as below. It’ll be de-glued, color-peeled, color-bled, de-formed and shrunk by solvent-cleaning & hot-tumbling. Accordingly, ask your cleaners to clean your specialties by wetclean processing. It’s the ultimate processing … as we do our skins. View an article on Washing suedes and leathers at natclo.com. View a case study.

leather wet
Leather wetcleaning is processed like our skins

Typically ruined by dryclean processing

VALENTINOMade in Ltaly
+ 089
Ralph Lauren
Helmut Lang
rag & bone

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