Anysel Card (Cleaners)

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  • Let them to leave 5-star reviews easier.
  • Regard #TmrTbr ←The More Reviewed, The Better Rated. Most of your customers love your service.

anysel card front

Give your Anysel Card to

1st-time customers … Price-asking visitors

2nd & 3rd time customers (Start-up Orders) … VIP customers before & after holidays … Celebrate her/his birthday when you got to know  … Free services … Referrals or Reviews … Unsatisfied customers who appeal complaints

anysel pic

Apply for your Anysel Card.

  1. Send Feedback first.
  2. Pay the service fees of $120.00/year.
  3. Your iPage is published at a domain.
  4. Your 500 cards are delivered in 2~3 weeks.
    • iPage service includes ¹One webpage + ²A domain + ³Free 500 Cards
    • Prepay your fees of $120.00 on every January to extend the service.
    • Update as needed but it’ll be subject to our discretion.
    • Mail to / Payable to: Mr. Shoewash, 12544 Centralia St, Lakewood, CA 90715
    • Text John to inquire at (562) 833-2544

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