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The more reviewed (Tmr), The better rated (Tbr) 🙂 Boost it with your Tmr Card (1,000) for $120.00/year. ••• Mail your check to Mr. Shoewash, 12544 Centralia St, Lakewood, CA 90715 (Payable to: Mr. Shoewash)tmr kortmr kor 1

Your Tmr card 7/8/2018

Yelp Best→ 7/6/2018olympic mb y

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  • About Us: Mr. Shoewash is Special Cleaners, Original Shoewash since 2002 for Cleaning Shoes, Handbags, Suedes and Leathers supporting ‘Anycleaners‘.

  • Mailed 7/9/2018

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